Rapid Package 22 Refinary Tank Farm (Punj Lloyd)

Rapid Package 001 RFCC, LTU, PRU Unit 2nd MTO (CTCI)

Baronia 5th MTO (HHI)

SK310 B15 Project (Sapura Kencana Energy)



North Malay Basin (HESS)

Petronas Floating LNG (Samsung Heavy Industry)

Tukau Timur (TTJT)- A

RGT-2 LNG Terminal Project

Rapid Package 1 CCJV (CTCI)

RGT-2 LNG Terminal Project (Cryogenic)

Rapid Package 22 (Punj Lloyd)

Rapid Package 4 (Petrofac)

Tank 7 and New Jetty Piping and Associated Facilities

Baronia 1st, 3rd and 4th MTO (HHI)

TGAST Phase 2 (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th MTO) (SECL)



SK316 CPP Topside

EPCC Layang Development (Facilities) Project

TGAST Project Phase 2


Resak Line Upgrading (RLU) Project

D18 Development Project

Belum Topside Facility

New E22302 PFE Packinox Replacement

KNPG-B Phase II Kinabalu Non-Assciated Gas Development Project

Block Pm307 Bertam Field Development




Eva NMB Gas Delivery System (ENGDS) Project

Garraf Operations

SAMUR Project

Plant Revamp and Rejuvenation Project 4 (PPR)



Provision For Hook-Up & Commissioning For PCSB SKO Pipeline

Bekok A & Tiong A Rejuvenation Project

Bekok-C Restoration Project

HUC For TKJT-C Launcher, Receiver & Chemical Injection Facilities

Refurbishment, Life Extension And Upgrading Of The West Desaru

Palas A

Sea Flare Ignition System Upgrade

Kongserg KG2 Filedwide Repalcement Project

Guntong-A Instrument Air System Upgrade Project


Telok A & B



Gumusut Kakap, F13 & E8 Conversion ; Kebabangan ; Tapis R & Q ; Cendor FPSO ; Berantai ; Sepat ; Merapuh A & Serendah ; Husky Liwan ; Lekas Terminal ; B193 Process Platform ; CTOC & CPOC ; Turkmenistan II ; Garraf



Statoil Troll ; 1Q54 ; Usan FPSO ; Afcon ; JACKETS ; CKP ; Kumang ; Kinabalu ; Tangga Barat ; Thai Nippon Steel - Yetagun ; ST JOSEPH ; MRU ; LAWIT ; CPDR ; West Belumut ; DL-B ; Mantis ; ICP ; CILI PADI ; SAPURA ; F28 ; East Piatu ; CPOC ; Sepa ; Manifold ; Shwe Field ; Plets & Slets ; FMC ; Gumusut ; B11 ; F23 ; Tocoma ; Inventory ; PC4 ; ECB ; GUNTONG ; Brownfield ; Lawit-A ; ONGC ; MOQ ; QP2000 ; Turkmenistan ; Bunga Raya



PC Of Tangga Barat Drilling Riser Platform (TBDR-A) Topside And Jacket For Tangga Barat Cluster Development Project (Phase 1)

PC Of Kinabalu Drilling Jacket Platform C (Knjt-C) - Topside And Jacket For Kinabalu Non-Associated Gas (Nag0 Development Project

Fabrication Of F28DR-A Offshore Platform Topside

Cili Padi Gas Field Development Project Construction Of CPDR-A Topside

Fabrication Of D30 & Dana Wellhead Support Frame (WHSF), D35 Deck Extension And Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) For D1 Cluster Development Project



BOA CPP Topsides

Maersk Oil Qatar - AS

SSB EPCC BL1lQ Modules & Helideck

Procurement, Construction And Commissioning Of Puteri Well Head Platform For The Puteri 

Engineering Procurement, Construction And Commissioning (EPCC) Of J4

Sarawak Gas Development Project Fabrication Of GO-PA Production Platform

Sarawak Gas Development Project Fabrication Of GO-PB Production Platform

Epic For Bumi, Bulan & Suriya Gas Field Development (C-TOC)

Kumang Cluster Development (CPP)

Hull & Integ. Of Gumusut-Kakap

PC4 Drilling Platform

C07-023 Cameron (BHP Pyrenees Project)


2007 CTOC (Epic For Bumi, Bulan & Suriya Gas Field Development)

PUTERI (PCC Of The Puteri Wellhead Platform For PCSB Puteri Field Development)

East Belumut-A (Topside) Platform

East Belumut-A (Jacket) Platform

Sumandak Selatan & Tepi Project Development

Vasai East Development Project

Bunga Orkid B,C & D Jacket and Bridge

Abu Cluster Project Development

MOQ-16 Topside

Bunga Orkid A CPP Topsides

BOA CPP Topside

Turk Process Vessel Separators

Angel Project Topside Fab.

Retrofit And Additional Equipment For Guntong E And Tapis F PlatformFor Tapis F Gas Project

MLNG Dua Debottlenecking Project (MDD PROJECT)



FAB of E11P-B Topside

EP drilling (E8DR) Topside

EPCTC Ledang – Anoa Develpoment

BRE C02 Removal Topside

Sumandak Topside / Jacket

Fabrication of Baram Wellhead Platform BAJT-H for Cliff Head ‘A’ Platform (PROC Oil)

CTOC HUC Project (Offshore)

Rong Dol Development Project

Modec – Petrobras ESP Adarte Sul FPSO

Guntong ‘E’ Topside



(Baram South Development Project)

Cliff Head ‘A’ Platform (ROC Oil)

Thar Jath Process Skids

Stem Offlonding System – Airheim

GCCOL Regen PKG – F23

Sumadek Project

BAKP – B – M2, M3, MSF & FB

Stem Offloading System – Airheim

Glod Regen PKG – F23

Hyundai Heavy Industries Rong Doi / Stinger Project

Amenam ll AM P2 Topside

BRE C02 Removal Topside

Hyundai 83M Stingter / RF 58-14

Stinger PTT

Adhi LPG / INGL Plant – 11, Pakistan



EPCC of Putrajaya Precint 5 District Cooling Plan Project

West Natura Project (Phase ll)

UOP Separex TM Membrance System

Guntung – E

Guntung – F

West Patricia Production Platform – B

Yoho YP Topside

E8 Drilling Riser Topside

SFK – A Topside

Ell – HAB Shellow Calstic Project

Port Dickson Power Plant

Maddy Mexico Oil



Melangking Palm Oil Mill, Sukau Sabah

Kinarut Development Project

Irong Barat (A)

Port Dickson Shell Plant

Sabah Shell Plant

Shell Sarawak Plant

Kerteh Refineries Plant



Gelugor Combine Cycle Conversion Project

DF 1-1 Gas Field Development Project

Irong Barat ‘A’ – Glycol Dehydration System

Project Dong – Fang

Talisma – 1st Stage Separator

350MW CCGT Project – Prai

Gelugor CCPP

Project: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Tower

Perlis Laterial Pipelines Project – PCC 0 Natural Gas Pipeline & Meter Station

Lekir Bulk Terminal

Lundin Water Injection Package



Cakerawala Gas Field Development

GB3, Lumut Power Plant

Lekir Bulk Terminal Jetty Delivery Systems

Fabrication, Supply, Delivery & Testing of one (1) unit of Process Water Reboiler (E-108)

Project: BB/BPC/010606

Rang Dong FPSO Upgrade Project Process Design & Fabrication of Intermals for V1201

Pulai A Supply of Pressure Vessels

Glyool Regeneration Package for Pulai A Evacuation

Nippon Oil Helang Condensate Treatment Package

Nippon Oil Exploration (M) Sdn Bhd: Condensate Treatment for Helang Central Platform




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